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Meet RCS Global Group at the Rwanda Mining Week 2023 – Embracing Technology, Investments, and Responsible Mining

Representatives of RCS Global at the Rwanda Mining Week 2023 on December 4 – 6 in Kigali 🇷🇼

Get in touch with Copain Bienaime, Technical Manager of Digital Solutions, and Gloriose Ukubereyimfura, Project Manager of Better Mining, to learn more about RCS Global’s services and digital solutions for Responsible Mining traceability and supply chain due diligence.

Copain Bienaime joined the panel discussion “Trace your minerals, literally” hosted by the Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB), sharing RCS’s experience on Traceability and how Technology can impact the mining sector in Rwanda:

“At RCS Global, when we talk about traceability, it goes hand in hand with other activities that support the community of miners and the whole upstream landscape. It is not only about creating a tool, it is about supporting the mining sector to responsibly source and provide transparency in what is being done. We are not going to stop at only issuing traceability reports, but going far and beyond. Tracing minerals with our platform has empowered the mine sites that we work with to understand and be able to analyse data, to be able to provide a proof of origin of where the minerals are coming from. Our traceability efforts go hand in hand with other activities and still involve the human factor to ensure that the data being collected is accurate and very plausible, and that it can be used to make responsible decisions moving forward.”



Kigali, Rwanda

Meet the RCS team

Copain Bienaime
Technical Manager,
Digital Solutions

Gloriose Ukubereyimfura
Project Manager, Better Mining