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The RCS Global Team works in offices in: Berlin, Goma, Kigali, Kolwezi, London and Shenzhen, with representation in New York and Mexico City

Since 2008 we have built a vertically integrated global service provider with a highly competent team present in the world’s key markets: Africa, China, the EU and the US. Our senior staff each have more than a decade of experience in delivering responsible sourcing.

Vision: A world where natural resources are produced, traded and transformed in a way that generates sustainable positive impacts on people and planet. The positive impact our work has around the world is fully aligned with this vision.

Mission: By 2020 we seek to be the premier technology-driven platform for responsible sourcing data. We will build on our work as the preferred implementation partner for responsible production and sourcing needs in natural resource supply chains globally.

The Team

Top Management

Dr. Nicholas Garrett

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Harrison Mitchell

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Finny Tang

Director of Mapping
& Auditing Practices

Cian O´Connor

Chief Financial Officer


Alice Valvodova

Head of Consult

Megan Leahy-Wright

Project Director

Giulia Parini


Better Mining

Ana Sarmiento

Project Director

Robert Bitumba

Country Manager Democratic
Republic of Congo (DRC)

Dominique Kayigire

Country Manager Rwanda

Armel Nganzi

Regional Director

Eugénie Valentin

Project Manager

Mattis Hennings

Project Manager

Julia Huber


Lisa Grasser


Tim Rosenkranz

Data Manager

Stella Mbishinzemungu

Systems Analyst

Roselyne Ndoole

Administration and Finance
Officer DRC

Lucien Bahimba

Project Coordinator

Rodrigue Kiluka

Project Coordinator

Patrick Bin Abasi

Project Coordinator

Patient Nakahinga

Project Analyst

Chadrack Tshitenga

Project Analyst

Claude Birali

Project Analyst

Herve Kayitare

Operations Analyst

Theoneste Ngendahayo

Project Assistant

Fiona Rugamba

Project Assistant

Mapping & Auditing Practices

Katie Redmond

Project Director

Josue Ruiz

Technical Lead, Research and Development

Jane Dan

Audit Manager

Kevin Wei

Audit Manager

Chuck Lv

Project Manager

Gabrielle Huang

Project Manager

Ava Hu

Project Manager

Subiksha Natarajan

Project Manager

Joséphine Quioc

Project Manager

Alison Hu

Senior Auditor

Crystal Wu

Senior Auditor

Mona Xie


Iris Li


Adina Spertus-Melhus


Rufus Li


Friederike Barlag


Nancy Yang

Operations Assistant

Support Team

Lauriane Piot

Group Compliance &
Operations Manager

Marleen Soto

HR Manager

Yvonne Naidoo

Financial Controller

Caroline Boisson

Finance Manager

Camilla Jørgensen

Junior Marketing and Communications Manager

Happiness Officers


Chief Happiness Officer


Chief Happiness Officer


Chief Happiness Officer

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Berlin, Goma, London, Kigali, Kolwezi, New York, Shenzhen and Mexico City
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