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The Battery Passport is a pivotal tool that enables the development of a sustainable, circular, and just battery value chain. RCS Global is proud to have presented the first Battery Passport Pilot in collaboration with the Global Battery Alliance at the World Economic Forum in January 2023. Based on lessons learned and counting on validated supply chain data from industry leaders, we introduce the Claritas Battery Passport Solution.

Claritas – RCS Global Battery Passport

Claritas is a comprehensive real-world and a digital solution working in tandem, specifically designed for Battery Raw Materials (BRM), enabling traceability and the collection of validated responsible sourcing and Carbon Footprint data. This innovative solution covers the entire battery supply chain, seamlessly integrating different approaches such as tracing and tracking. It ensures interoperability while providing accurate and verified information on responsible sourcing practices and carbon footprint throughout the entire lifecycle of Battery Raw Materials, from mine to market.

Technical Solution Providers

Spherity, a global pioneer in digital identity software, aims to revolutionise secure identity integration for enterprises, machines, products, data, and algorithms. The company’s solution centers on leveraging self-sovereign identity (SSI) to streamline compliance processes in accordance with regulations related to data protection and data security.

Vine – an Assured Traceability Solution

For more than 5 years, RCS Global has run the most established mapping, traceability and audit program in responsible sourcing in the world. Vine – our online platform, delivers verified chain of custody and supplier-to-supplier traceability, all while auditing suppliers against good practice ESG standards. Vine now has over 2000 suppliers in the database and forms the basis of RCS Global’s battery passport solution.

Claritas – RCS Global Battery Passport Solution 

Based on the lessons learned from one of the world’s first battery passports, RCS Global launches a Battery Passport Solution, Claritas. In 2023, RCS Global and stakeholders of the automotive, energy and battery industries will establish a joint data ecosystem that manages multiple, complex data points and ensures consistency of data within the chain of custody. In addition, the RCS approach will provide a digital solution for a battery passport that meets all requirements of the EU Battery Regulation and that allows traceability within a supply chain and that protects commercial data at the same time. If you are interested in learning more about Claritas, please reach out to us.


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