The Battery Passport is the key instrument to enable developing a sustainable, circular and just battery value chain. RCS Global is proud to be part of the Global Battery Alliance’s proof of concept for its Battery Passport, one of the world’s first end-to-end battery passports for electric vehicles and to launch RCS Global Battery Passport Solution, Claritas, based on the lessons learned.

RCS Global Battery Passport Pilot

RCS Global is designing a pilot passport that covers the battery supply chain from mine through to market. The pilot will provide the interoperability of different approaches (tracing and tracking) and will be an important next step in achieving a complete battery passport.

EU Regulation

The EU Battery Regulation aims to ensure that batteries placed on the EU market are sustainable and safe throughout their entire life cycle. All economic operators placing batteries on the EU market will need to establish a due diligence management system to address environmental and social risks in their battery supply chain. By 2026, battery manufacturers will need to label their batteries with a QR code that provides access to a battery product passport, including details regarding due diligence, carbon footprint and recycled content.

Battery Passport Solutions

Battery passport solutions offer the opportunity to establish a sustainable battery value and to have a positive impact on the critical mining conditions. RCS Global is part of several initiatives and corporations to develop concepts and approaches for future battery passport solutions, such as Global Battery Alliance (GBA). The GBA launched the proof of concept for its Battery Passport pilot at the WEF 2023.

Vine – an Assured Traceability Solution

For more than 5 years, RCS Global has run the most established mapping, traceability and audit program in responsible sourcing in the world. Vine – our online platform, delivers verified chain of custody and supplier-to-supplier traceability, all while auditing suppliers against good practice ESG standards. Vine now has over 5000 suppliers in the database and forms the basis of RCS Global’s battery passport solution.

Claritas – RCS Global Battery Passport Solution 

Based on the lessons learned from one of the world’s first battery passports, RCS Global launches a Battery Passport Solution, Claritas. In 2023, RCS Global and stakeholders of the automotive, energy and battery industries will establish a joint data ecosystem that manages multiple, complex data points and ensures consistency of data within the chain of custody. In addition, the RCS approach will provide a digital solution for a battery passport that meets all requirements of the EU Battery Regulation and that allows traceability within a supply chain and that protects commercial data at the same time. If you are interested in learning more about Claritas, please reach out to us.

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Developing the World’s First Successful Battery Passport Pilot – Experiences and Lessons Learned

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RCS Global, Re|Source partners, Samsung SDI and Global Battery Alliance profile one of the first successful electric vehicle battery passport pilots

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