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Meet RCS Global at PDAC 2024 Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention

Dr. Nicholas Garrett, co-founder and director of RCS Global Group, an SLR Consulting company, will be attending the PDAC 2024 Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention in Toronto, from March 3rd to March 6th.

At PDAC 2024, participants will engage in peer-learning discussions on crucial topics concerning responsible exploration and mining as metals become increasingly vital in the transition to renewable energy. Key areas of focus include developing sustainable value chains for critical minerals, exploring decarbonization strategies for the mining sector, addressing geopolitical risks in supply chains, and meeting evolving societal expectations for material sourcing.

Connect with Nicholas and SLR representatives during PDAC 2024 for insightful conversations on how to navigate ESG in mining projects with innovative solutions, achieve excellence in sustainability performance where exploration meets operations, and develop just, secure, sustainable and responsible value chains.



Toronto, Canada

Meet the RCS team

Dr. Nicholas Garrett
Co-founder, Director