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Meet RCS Global Group and SLR Consulting at Resourcing Tomorrow | Mines and Money

GBA Annual General Meeting
Meet representatives of RCS Global Group and SLR Consulting at Resourcing Tomorrow | Mines & Money between November 28th and November 30th in London, and listen to the Keynote Panel moderated by Head of Responsible Sourcing Advisory Maria-Yassin Jah. 

SLR is proud to be the Networking Lounge Sponsor at Europe’s largest mining event.

Focusing on accelerating the energy transition, Mines and Money @ Resourcing Tomorrow presents an unparalleled opportunity to network with the mining industry’s biggest players, including an array of qualified and vetted investors, junior, mid-tier and major mining and energy companies, educators, innovators, government officials, and more.

It will examine the current and future economic and social dependence on resources, considering issues such as critical minerals supply, environmental resilience, digitalisation, the circular economy, ESG and our future workforce.

Stop by Booth #D02 to say hello to SLR and RCS representatives, learn more about our Responsible Sourcing solutions, and how we can help you achieve your ESG goals as a one-stop shop within SLR.

Keynote Panel: Bridging the Disconnect to Supply the Metals Required for the Energy Transition
28 November 11:30 AM Resourcing Tomorrow Theatre

The energy transition is a supply challenge. The energy transition means moving to a cleaner, more sustainable future. However, the minerals required to produce electric cars, wind turbines and other new energy technologies raise some difficult supply issues.

An average electric vehicle (EV) requires six times the amount of minerals as a conventional car, reports the International Energy Agency (IEA), including materials like nickel, cobalt, and lithium that a petrol vehicle typically does not need. An onshore wind plant, meanwhile, needs nine times more mineral resources than a gas-fired plant. The World Bank estimates that demand for metals could increase tenfold by 2050. Reaching net zero by 2050 will require an estimated 3 billion tonnes of metal, as well as significant investments of roughly US$9.2 trillion each year. So, how will the industry get there?

Issues discussed include:

  • What can be done to bridge the supply gap? Will the increased supply come from the majors, mid-tiers, or juniors?
  • How can miners be agile and diversify their commodity base?
  • How can the industry collaborate to achieve these goals?
  • How can governments help achieve these goals? What has been the impact of the US Inflation Reduction Act?
  • What is the role of technology in bridging the supply gap?


Moderator: Maria-Yassin Jah, ESG Advisory Team, SLR Consulting

Mark Bristow, Chief Executive Officer, Barrick

Brian Menell, Chairman & CEO, TechMet

Phillips Baker, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hecla Mining

Rasheed Abdullah AlRushaid , Chairman & CEO, AlRushaid Group 



Business Design Centre, London

Meet the RCS team

Maria-Yassin Jah
Head of Responsible Sourcing Advisory