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The NBC documentary highlights the clear risks in the Mica supply chain. RCS Global supports OEMs’ response.

November 2019. In Madagascar and across other key producers including China and India, serious responsible sourcing risks are present in mica production, not least child labour. In India alone, in Jharkhand and Buhir regions, an estimated 20,000 children are involved illegally in the industry.

One of the key challenges with mica, as with cobalt and tantalum, is its propensity to be mined artisanally. This means a specialised methodology is required to implement due diligence and risk mitigation and achieve local impact.

While the NBC documentary is powerful, it is likely to be the tip of the iceberg. We now need comprehensive data on the risks and issues facing mica production, trade and transformation.

RCS Global Group is now deep diving into the mica supply chain.

We are already developing mica-covering due diligence management systems for major OEMs. Through our map and audit practices, we allow OEMs to identify the entire mica supplier ecosystem – from OEM to mine – while assessing each supplier of mica-containing components’ adherence to responsible business practices.

This applies the same supplier audit and traceability methodology, as RCS Global has pioneered and so successfully applied for almost all major OEMs in cobalt, 3Ts, gold, graphite, lithium, copper, rare earths and other minerals and natural resources.

For local on-the-ground impact, RCS Global is setting the benchmark in ASM on-the-ground ASM risk managements and impact by successfully providing the industry supported digital Better Mining ASM site monitoring tool.

Through active on-the ground monitoring of actual ASM sites, coupled with the issuance of monthly corrective action plans, it sets the very basis for longer term ASM engagement and impact. It is fully replicable and scalable in the mica sector. In India, it can support conversations around the legal basis for responsible ASM.

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