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RCS Global and CDI announce new partnership

The Cobalt Development Institute (CDI) has launched a new partnership with RCS Global to establish industry-wide supply chain risk management guidance that is flexible enough to respond to the diversity of the Institute’s membership.

The partnership comes at a critical time as demand for cobalt and scrutiny of its production continues to increase.

Guidance and coordination

The new partnership will enable member companies, and the cobalt industry more generally, to conduct enhanced due diligence in line with industry good practice and global frameworks focused on responsible sourcing of minerals.

A key part of the project will also be to strengthen engagement and coordination amongst industry bodies and other responsible cobalt programmes. This will ensure CDI members and other stakeholders in the supply chain are fully aware of the due diligence and compliance landscape they are operating in.

The project will further underpin the CDI’s longstanding commitment to the responsible production and use of cobalt in all forms and our position as a leading industry voice on good practice in this regard.

A leading responsible production partner

Speaking about the partnership the CDI said “We are delighted to be working with RCS Global on this project. They are one of the world’s leading advisory, audit and training companies focusing on responsible sourcing of natural resources. Over the last two years the company has established itself as the leading specialist in responsible cobalt, publishing a major report on the issue last autumn and playing an active role in other current responsible sourcing initiatives across the sector.”

Improving risk assessment, due diligence, and industry practice  

There a several key objectives for the eighteen-month project. It will clarify and map the risks faced by CDI members and deliver high-level insight into the responsible cobalt space. Coupled with this, the project will establish a link for CDI members with other actors and bodies in the sector. A set of cost-effective and flexible approaches to risk management, regulatory and good practice compliance will then be delivered. Finally, a flexible but robust reporting framework will also be created for members to utilise.

Over the coming weeks the CDI and RCS Global will be engaging directly with members to give them further detail on the project. However, if you would like more information now or have specific questions about the project please get in touch with:

Harrison Mitchell, RCS Global: [email protected]

Brigitte Amoruso, CDI: [email protected]

The Cobalt Development Institute:

The CDI is a non-profit industry association composed of producers, users, recyclers, and traders of cobalt which promotes the sustainable and responsible production and use of cobalt in all its forms.