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Company Policies and Procedures


RCS Global understands and is fully aware of the importance of Management of impartiality in carrying out our audit and certification activities. RCS Global has documented structures, policies and procedures to manage impartiality and to ensure that the audit and certification activities are undertaken impartially, and has top management commitment to impartiality in certification activities. RCS Global analyze, document and eliminate the potential of conflict of interests arising from our audit and certification activities which are structured and managed so as to safeguard impartiality. Our aim is to inspire and prove confidence in our certification services.

External Grievance

RCS is committed to address any grievance submitted in relation to its audit and certification services in a timely and objective manner. RCS accepts grievances from any party with an interest in the audit or certification services subject to the complaint. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • RCS employees and auditors
  • External experts contracted to complement audit teams
  • Audited entity
  • Specific certification schemes for which RCS is an accredited or approved auditing body
  • Internal or external stakeholders to an audit or certification.

A grievance may be lodged via the RCS website using the “Contact Us” form or in writing at [email protected]. Once submitted, a RCS Director will acknowledge receipt within two (2) working days.

Conflict of Interest

RCS Global recognizes that real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest may occur in the course of its business operations. RCS addresses conflicts of interest through four steps:

  1. Prevention: Wherever possible, RCS aims at preventing the occurrence of individual or organizational conflicts of interest.
  2. Disclosure: RCS requires all internal and external experts to disclose any and all real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest.
  3. Review: RCS reviews each real, potential or perceived conflict of interest disclosed by an external expert and determine the appropriate mitigation strategy.
  4. Mitigation: RCS defines appropriate steps to resolve, mitigate or manage each real, potential or perceived conflict of interest.

Data and Privacy Policies

RCS Global LTD recognises the importance of protecting your Personal Information and has implemented this policy in accordance with the relevant laws in the countries in which it operates.

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RCS Global IPSA Peer Report 2017

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