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Developing the World’s First Successful Battery Passport Pilot – Experiences and Lessons Learned

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On March 1st, RCS Global and Re|Source partners hosted a webinar on Experiences and Lessons Learned of Developing a Successful Battery Passport Pilot. In conversation with our project partner Re|Source solution, the webinar reflects on experiences from developing a digital product passport, lessons learned throughout the journey and look ahead to what the next steps are as regulations start stepping into force.

At this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, one of the world’s first successful, end-to-end assured battery passport pilots was presented. RCS Global and Re|Source implemented a pilot to test the interoperability of systems.

As regulations such as the EU Battery Regulation steps into force, circularity, transparency and traceability become critical cornerstones in ensuring compliance. Corporations are not only encouraged but required to understand their supply chains and overall performance in terms of human rights and child labour indicators, and Green House Gas emissions.

This RCS Global and Re|Source webinar dives into the evolution of digital product passports focusing on the increasing pressure from regulatory requirements. In conversation with Re|Source, RCS Global will discuss key lessons learned from developing the first successful battery passport pilot and look ahead to what the next steps will be as regulations start stepping into force.

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Below is a short summary of the webinar:


Camilla Jørgensen from RCS Global Group opened the webinar by presenting the agenda and speakers. The webinar consisted of four sessions:

  1. Panel Discussion with Albemarle, Umicore, Re|Source and RCS Global Group
  2. Interoperability of Systems, Conversation between Kryha and RCS Global
  3. Future Outlook, Re|Source and RCS Global Group
  4. Q&A

Panel Discussion: Self-Commitment, Legal Regulations and A New Generation of Tools

The first session of the webinar was a panel discussion on self-commitment, legal regulations and a new generation of tools. How does the battery passport enable upstream to downstream stakeholders implementing their sustainability and responsibility policies along the entire value chain? The panel consisted of Harrison Mitchell, Co-founder and CSO of RCS Global, Pavel Tsedenov, COO at Re|Source, Dr. Sven Jantzen, Director of Government Affairs at Umicore and Mark de Boer, VP Sustainability at Albemarle. The panellists discussed key takeaways from participating in a battery passport pilot, responsible sourcing policies and regulations in the automotive sector, and next steps for digital product passports. 

Interoperability of Systems – A Track and Trace Approach

The second session of the webinar welcomed Wouter Middendorf, Creative Director at Kryha and Iain Fraser, Digital Solutions Lead at RCS Global to talk about interoperability of systems. Wouter and Iain shared Kryha and RCS Global Group’s journey working on a battery passport pilot, what interoperability means for digital product passports and why it is essential going forward. 


Harrison Mitchell

Co-Founder, CSO

RCS Global Group

Pavel Tsedenow

COO Re|Source


Dr. Sven Jantzen

Director, Government Affairs


Mark de Boer

VP Sustainability


Wouter Middendorf

Creative Director


Camilla Jørgensen

Marketing and Communications Manager

RCS Global Group

Iain Fraser

Digital Solutions Lead

RCS Global Group