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2021 Better Mining Impact Report: A year of progress in the ASM sector

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On June 29th, Better Mining held our 2021 Impact Webinar. Joined by our technical partner UNICEF, and our supporters Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Intel Corporation, the webinar touched on some of our key achievements published in our Better Mining Impact Report 2021.

Improving conditions in the ASM sector is one of the biggest challenges in global raw material supply chains. Join Better Mining’s partners Ford, General Motors, Intel, and UNICEF in RCS Global Group’s webinar presenting the 2021 Better Mining Impact Report.

Having an active program on 20% of accessible cobalt/copper ASM sites in the DRC, the most significant African tantalum mine and numerous 3TG ASM mines, we are proud to have recently registered the completion of the 1000th Better Mining recommended ASM site-level improvement activity, reaching ca. 55,000 ASM miners.

Over the past 12 months, this means we have advanced the fight against child labour and other ESG risks, improved cooperative, and state services capacity for risk management, progressed digital traceability implementation and improved due diligence data reporting.

Our webinar discuss the tangible impact we have created for communities, Government, and the midstream and downstream supply chain. We also touch upon our challenges and the road ahead.

Find the Impact Report here
available in both English, French and Chinese.

We cannot succeed without the backing of our partners and supporters.
Join us now and be part of the change we are delivering.


Kerri Abbot

Responsible Material Sourcing
Business Analyst

Ford Motor Company

Dan Israel

General Motors

Erin Mitchell

Responsible Minerals
Program Manager


Daniella Savic

Mining Partnerships focal point


Dr. Nicholas Garrett

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

RCS Global Group