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Spherity and RCS Global introduce the first Catena-X Certified Battery Passport Solution

London/Dortmund, 16 May 2024

Spherity, a pioneer in decentralized identity management software, and RCS Global, a leader in responsible sourcing and supply chain due diligence, are thrilled to announce that our Battery Passport Solution, Claritas, is the first Catena-X certified Battery Passport. The Catena-X certification allows customers to seamlessly exchange battery passport data across the entire Catena-X ecosystem. With this development, all our battery passports will conform to regulations and comply with Catena-X standards. Our solution is now aligned with several key standards and protocols, including Battery Pass, Cirpass, and the UN Transparency protocol, and it meets international sustainability and ethical sourcing requirements.

Our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Catena-X framework, ensuring industry-wide interoperability and standardization. Featuring an intuitive interface, our software simplifies the registration and management of battery passports on the Catena network, facilitating compliance and fostering innovation within the automotive sector’s circular economy. By leveraging RCS Global’s audit expertise, we enhance supply chain transparency and set a new benchmark for verified supply chain data, battery lifecycle management, sustainability measurement, and the transition towards circular value chains. This strategic alliance promises to revolutionize industry practices, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Claritas Battery Passport Solution is tailored to comply with the EU Battery Regulation. The Battery Passport Solution sets a new standard for supply chain sustainability and compliance management. With a compliance dashboard at its core, it guarantees adherence to stringent global standards. The provision of verifiable battery data ensures the ability to design, build, and market environmentally sound batteries. The integration of an LCA Process bolsters lifecycle efficiency and accuracy. Our solution’s transparency extends through the entire supply chain addressing the entire lifecycle of batteries—from production to disposal and includes carbon footprint declarations, enabling thorough auditability and effective risk management. Enhanced sustainability reporting supports ESG initiatives, while our approach significantly reduces administrative burdens, cutting operational costs. Committed to circular economy principles, our solution champions value-retaining operations, from repair to recycling, ensuring that sustainability is woven into every aspect of the battery life cycle.

Catena-X is a collaborative, open data ecosystem for the automotive industry, aiming to standardize global data exchange while upholding European values. It utilizes blockchain technology and the IDS (International Data Spaces) standard to ensure data sovereignty and security. Catena-X links global players into end-to-end value chains and enables the creation, operation, and collaborative use of data along the entire automotive value chain.

“Our Battery Passport Management System, now Catena-X certified, provides automated compliance and delivers value-add features beyond compliance, offering our suppliers and OEM customers advanced tools for transparency and sustainability in the supply chain.”

Dr. Carsten Stöcker, Spherity GmbH.

“Excellent news and really exciting to have you as the first company to put your stake in the ground for this massively growing field!”

Oliver Ganser, Vice President of BMW Group Purchasing & Supplier Network, Chairman of the Board Catena-X e.V.

“We are proud to announce Claritas’ certification by Catena-X, marking a significant milestone in digital battery passport solutions. Through our partnership with Spherity, Claritas offers a streamlined, automated process for creating verifiable digital passports, aligning with Batterypass, GBA, Cirpass, and the UN Transparency Protocol standards. This certification emphasises our commitment to sustainability, transparency, and global interoperability in the battery industry”

Dr. Iain Fraser, Head of Digital Solutions, RCS Global GmbH.

The partnership between Spherity and RCS Global aims to enhance the sustainability of battery supply chains and support the global shift towards renewable energy. This software is poised to play a critical role in fostering greater transparency and accountability in the battery industry while ensuring secure data exchange.

For more details about our Battery Passport solution and our collaboration with RCS Global, read our latest article on EU Battery Passport: Navigating Interoperability And Data Security.


About RCS Global

RCS Global Group – an SLR Company is the leading Supply Chain Mapping, Responsible Sourcing, Responsible Mining, ESG Performance and Traceability solutions provider, focusing on natural resources value chains. We deliver globally for the leading corporations from all tiers of the value chain, from mining to the OEMs. RCS Global is a part of SLR Consulting offering a complete suite of sustainability solutions delivered by 3,000+ colleagues from 100+ offices globally.

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About Spherity

Spherity, a global pioneer in digital identity software, aims to revolutionize secure identity integration for enterprises, machines, products, data, and algorithms. The company’s vision centers on leveraging self-sovereign identity (SSI) to streamline compliance processes in accordance with regulations related to data protection and data security. Spherity offers products tailored for supply chains: providing authentication and authorization solutions for the US pharmaceutical supply chain and the Digital Product Passport solution for the automotive industry, delivering battery passports mandated by the European Commission.

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