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The DRC cobalt sector remains a complex and challenging environment with numerous ethical sourcing risks. Yet demand for cobalt is set to continue to rise through the next five years in response to the lithium-ion battery boom with production remaining concentrated in the DRC.

We are partnering with the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) to stage a two-part webinar series looking at how best to drive greater transparency and responsible sourcing practice and improve the lives of mining communities in the DRC.

The webinars are free to access and all participants are welcome. Participants will be briefed by key figures involved in cobalt and ethical sourcing while also having the opportunity to engage in a Q&A.

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Responsible Sourcing of Cobalt Part I:
Understanding cobalt supply chains

RMI/RCS Global Webinar: 1500-1600 CET, Thursday 8 March.

  • Introduction and context setting from webinar chair, Harrison Mitchell of RCS Global
  • The cobalt production process and supply chain: David Weight, Cobalt Development Institute
  • Cobalt usage, the cobalt market, and projected demand: Caspar Rawles, Benchmark Minerals
  • The ethical challenges in cobalt: Mark Dummet, Amnesty International
  • An introduction to addressing ethical sourcing risks in cobalt: Ben Katz, Pact

Responsible Sourcing of Cobalt Part II:
Upstream and downstream company responses to responsible sourcing challenges

RMI/RCS Global Webinar: 1500-1600 CET, Thursday 15 March.

  • Introduction and context setting from webinar chair, Michele Bruelhart, RMI
  • How does the OECD Guidance apply to cobalt supply chains: Hannah Koep-Andrieu, OECD
  • How does ERG respond to calls for due diligence on cobalt supply chains: Katrina White, ERG
  • How does BSP engage with local cobalt producers in the DRC to promote due diligence practices in accordance with the OECD Guidance: Dr Nicholas Garrett, Better Sourcing Program (BSP) 
  • What are some of the lessons learned from your company’s engagement on 3TG for “do’s” and “don’ts” to conduct due diligence on cobalt supply chains: Kelly Katynski, Ford Motor Company