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The DRC cobalt sector remains a complex and challenging environment with numerous ethical sourcing risks. Yet demand for cobalt is set to continue to rise through the next five years in response to the lithium-ion battery boom with production remaining concentrated in the DRC. We are partnering with the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) to stage […]

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RCS Primer: HRW Report on Precious Metals

Earlier this month Human Rights Watch published a major new report on the ethical sourcing risks in jewellery and watch supply chains. The report focussed on assessments of 13 global jewellery and watch brands with a combined annual revenue of over $30 billion. But while the report only covers 13 brands representing roughly 10% of […]

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On the Diamond Trail in India

Changing Attitudes to Responsible Sourcing Anyone who has witnessed traffic in Mumbai would agree that it is indicative of general attitudes to health and safety in India. It looks a little something like this: drivers, to the sound of loud honking, ruthlessly push ahead in what appear to be at least five lanes of constantly […]

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Introducing CIRAF

The Cobalt Institute (CI) members have had a longstanding commitment to the responsible production and use of cobalt in all forms which is enshrined in its 5 key Objectives and 7 Guiding Principles. Building on this commitment, the CI began working earlier this year on an initiative with RCS Global to establish an industry-wide cobalt […]

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RCS Primer: The Amnesty International Report on Cobalt Sourcing

This week Amnesty International published the follow-up to its 2016 report on cobalt sourcing. The original report was a major landmark in public scrutiny of global brands and their cobalt supply chains. It also marked the beginning of what has been a steady rise in interest in the issue from the media, regulators and consumers. […]

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A look back at conference season 2017

From the Benchmark Minerals Cathodes Conference and the RMI and RBA Annual Meetings in California, to LME Week and the Responsible Sourcing Summit in London, our team was present across all of the major responsible sourcing, battery, and metals conferences over the last six weeks. We thought we would give you a snapshot of the […]

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