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Introducing the RCS Global Group

RCS Global is proud to announce that we are merging all of our operations under one group “The RCS Global Group.” This integration will offer […]

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Launch of Better Cobalt

We are delighted to announce that, in collaboration with our partner company, Better Sourcing Program, we have launched land-mark not-for-profit initiative to prove artisanally mined […]

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The DRC cobalt sector remains a complex and challenging environment with numerous ethical sourcing risks. Yet demand for cobalt is set to continue to rise […]

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RCS Primer: HRW Report on Precious Metals

Earlier this month Human Rights Watch published a major new report on the ethical sourcing risks in jewellery and watch supply chains. The report focussed […]

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On the Diamond Trail in India

Changing Attitudes to Responsible Sourcing Anyone who has witnessed traffic in Mumbai would agree that it is indicative of general attitudes to health and safety […]

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