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Meet RCS Global Group at the DRC Mining Week 2024

GBA Annual General Meeting
RCS representatives Heather Warren, Manu Nguéyanouba, Lucien Bahimba, Patrick Bin Abasi and Quentin Sirven will be attending the DRC Mining Week in Lubumbashi, from 12-14 June 2024.

During the DRC Mining Week, prominent mining stakeholders gather to connect, inspire, and develop solutions for the mining sector in the DRC. The event brings together global and industry leaders, professionals, and stakeholders from around the world to cultivate opportunities. It serves as the meeting point for industry leaders to exchange innovative ideas and strike partnerships for collaboration across multiple areas.

Representatives from our Better Mining team will be at the conference throughout the week. Better Mining delivers ESG improvements through the establishment of better practices across the ASM sector in the DRC as well as in Rwanda and Madagascar. Our team are present at the ASM sites every day collecting risk data and implementing digital product traceability. In close engagement with the ASM miners, their communities, cooperatives, and governments, we build local capacity for better practices, recommend corrective actions and report on the closure of recommended actions, which are implemented by local stakeholders. 

If you are around during the DRC Mining Week, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Manu, Heather, Lucien, Patrick, or Quentin. 

  • Spherity and RCS Global introduce the first Catena-X Certified Battery Passport Solution

  • RCS Global Group’s Better Mining Upstream Mechanism achieves full alignment rating with OECD Guidance

  • RCS Global Group and Spherity announce Partnership to develop a Digital Product Passport leveraging Self Sovereign Identity

  • RCS Global takeaways from the OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains 2023

  • RCS Global Group and UNICEF Developing Toolkit to prevent and counteract child labour

  • RCS Global, Re|Source, and Global Battery Alliance profile first successful battery passport pilot

  • RCS Global joins SLR Group to create global ESG leader

  • Better System. Better Approach. Better Lives.



    Lubumbashi, DRC 

    Meet the RCS team

    Heather Warren
    Operations Director of Better Mining

    Manu Nguéyanouba
    Director of Better Mining

    Lucien Bahimba
    Stakeholder Engagement
    and Audit Manager

    Patrick Bin Abasi
    Project Manager

    Quentin Sirven
    Project Manager