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RJC Audit

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is the principle standard setting and certification organisation in the jewellery industry.

It has more than 900 member companies that span the jewellery supply chain from mine to retail. The RJC is the main avenue for the industry to demonstrate social, environmental and ethical performance in the gold, diamond and Platinum Group Metals supply chains.

RJC Certification is based on rigorous standards developed through multi-stakeholder processes. It includes the RJC Code of Practices on ethical, social and environmental practices as well as the Chain of Custody Standard, supporting claims for responsible sourced jewellery materials (known as CoC material), produced, processed and traded through the supply chain.

RJC Members have to undergo an independent third party audit in order to become certified. RCS Global is a leading and fully accredited auditor for the Code of Practices and Chain of Custody Standard, able to deliver audits cost-effectively, worldwide.

Why use RCS Global Group for your RJC Certification

We are recognised across industry for our high-level customer service and top quality. We ensure audits are carried out quickly. Our staff respond promptly to audit requests and seek the most efficient and cost effective way to carry out the work.

We work with a team of senior auditors to ensure high-quality, consistent outputs for each certification project. We are able to apply the RJC Standards to a broad range of different operations, having completed RJC certifications for large members such as the Rio Tinto Group as well as small and medium sized operations along the jewellery supply chain. Using RCS Global Group is more than undergoing an audit. You are working with one of the world’s foremost experts for a day.