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Public Policy, Legislation, & Institutional Reform

Public Policy, Legislation and Institutional Reform is one of our core work areas, which our team works on with policy makers to catalyse significant economic growth and development from the natural resources value chain.

Global experience

Our team of senior experts has been called to work on this work area in over 13+ countries in the past 10 years.

Context appropriate advisory

Our team of senior experts develops context appropriate policy, legislation and institutional reform implementation, based on solid local knowledge and robust data.

Fit for purpose institutions with appropriate capacity are key to ensuring good governance of the economic activity of extractive industries. Deficient institutional frameworks can lead to a governance environment conducive to disadvantageous contracts, low revenue, low impact on business, fewer employment opportunities, opaque deal-making, civil unrest and suboptimal policy and regulatory frameworks.

Our approach is that policy, legal and regulatory frameworks should be finalised with consensus reached through consultation with government, the private sector and civil society, so to ensure expectations align on the benefits and risks. We work with our clients to define requirements and sought after outcomes. Once we have done so, we will propose a broad direction and process to follow to reach major milestones, along with a competent team to implement it. We take no shortcuts and will take the thorough route to arrive at solutions that are sustainable.

Through consultative and comparative analysis, our team of senior experts has drafted nationally endorsed policies and legislation, which guide natural resources sector developments in several countries, including in Afghanistan, the DRC, in the African Great Lakes Region (through the ICGLR), in Lao PDR and in the Republic of Niger.

“Making Sure”

For policy makers we offer:

  • Drafting of policy, laws and regulations

  • Undertaking research and comparative analyses

  • Facilitating inclusive stakeholder consultation

  • Institutional capacity building

Clients & Team

Dr. Nicholas Garrett


Nicolas Andres Eslava

Latin America Manager

Recent Projects

For the European Union Delegation in Niger and the Government of the Republic of Niger, RCS Global developed and wrote a new Mining Code and ancillary legislation (Taxation Code, Customs Code, etc…) to better govern the countries mining sector.

For the World Bank and the Government of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, RCS Global developed Social and Environmental Protection Guidelines and Assessment Workbooks, based on Lao PDR’s regulatory framework and international good practice.

For the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), RCS Global carried out a legal review to harmonise ICGLR member state’s laws in the context of a mineral certification initiative in the African Great Lake’s Region.


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