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RCS Global is an experienced partner of the global commodities trading industry. Our strategic advisory team provides solutions tailored to the realities of the global trading environment.

Our approach affords traders the flexibility they need to continue to generate a profit in a world that demands greater accountability, compliance and responsibility from the industry.

Based on good practice, our team of experienced advisors helps our international trading clients to balance a complex mix of assets and supplier relationships as well as the demands of stakeholders and investors.


“Making Sure”

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From Congo to China to California, we audit against a number of internationally recognised standards such as Dodd-Frank 1502 on conflict minerals, the Responsible Jewellery Council and the OECD Due Diligence Guidance. Where no auditable standard or policy exists we work with industry associations and individual companies to define, develop and deliver new audit standards, methodologies and tools.

From the source to the consumer, our team of senior experts makes sure your supply chains are conflict free, responsible and compliant. We work with international and local traders to implement the OECD Due Diligence Guidance and are recommended service providers of the Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative.

Working with communities is a core area of expertise. We combine practical research, community engagement and project delivery experience with in-depth knowledge of the environmental, human rights, political and social aspects of ASM solutions. Our clients include some of the world’s biggest companies in mining and trading.

RCS Global is an EITI validator and experienced industry partner for the trading and extractives industries, helping the industry comply with stakeholder demands for greater accountability and transparency. We develop appropriate strategy and corporate transparency and anti-corruption policies and management systems.


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