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Responsible Supply Chains

Developing, assessing and strengthening Responsible Supply Chains is one of our core work areas, which our team works on with companies across the natural resources value chain.

Often, in close alignment with our Supply Chain Due Diligence and Conflict Minerals Compliance work area, RCS Global works with clients to design and implement proactive responsible sourcing strategies that ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and manage the reputational risk associated with raw materials sourcing.

RCS Global has an excellent track record working with industry organisations such as the Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative, London Bullion Market Association and the Better Sourcing Program to develop their protocols, and train and audit members.

Likewise, where our corporate clients identify risks in their raw material supply chains, we provide assurance through on-the ground validation of practices. RCS Global is accredited with leading certification mechanisms such as the Responsible Jewellery Council or the Bettercoal Initiative and our senior experts have developed and piloted assessments at all levels of the supply chain.

Not all of our assignments with corporate clients come with specified terms of reference. So the RCS Global team work with our clients to define requirements and sought after outcomes. Once we have done so, we will propose a broad direction and process to follow, along with a competent team to implement it. We take no shortcuts and will take the thorough route to arrive at solutions that are sustainable, both for the business and the broader community.

Global experience

Our team of senior experts has been called to work on this work area in over 20+ countries in the past 10 years.

Business appropriate advisory

Our team of senior experts develops industry appropriate policies, strategies and management systems.

“Making Sure”

We offer:

  • Company compliance to international code of practices in natural resources

  • Supplier engagement, capacity building and support

  • Corporate strategy towards government transparency and contract negotiation

  • Developing global responsible mineral supply chains

  • Comprehensive company strategy towards global Dodd-Frank 1502 compliance on conflict minerals

Clients & Team

Michèle Brülhart Banyiyezako


Harrison Mitchell


Recent Projects

For one of the top three electronics brands, RCS Global conducted the first validation audits of Asian suppliers to verify due diligence systems for conflict free sourcing. RCS Global works with our client at various level in the supply chain to promote due diligence on the origin and chain of custody of minerals through validations and trainings.

As an accredited auditing body for the RJC, RCS Global helps companies throughout the Diamond and / or Gold Jewellery supply chain to implement responsible ethical, social and environmental practices. Some of the RJC Members we worked with include Rio Tinto, Minera Yanaquihua S.A.C. and a number of small and medium sized jewellery manufacturers.

For the CFSI, RCS Global conducts a review of the Gold Audit Protocol to ensure risks of conflict and human rights abuse in gold supply chains are captured in the validation audit of gold refineries. We also develop a comprehensive training toolkit for smelters and refineries on conflict free sourcing and revise the Conflict Free Smelter Program’s audit tools to align reporting with good practice.


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