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We are one of the world’s leading natural resources supply chain audit and advisory groups.

From groundbreaking investigations to world leading due diligence

Over the last ten years we have established an unrivalled position as the bridge between actors at each stage of the value chain, from major EU, US regulators, and Chinese industry bodies, to corporations and global manufacturers, mining companies and artisanal mining communities.

From our groundbreaking mineral supply chain investigations a decade ago to our world leading audit and advisory work today – we have consistently led the drive in responsible and transparent sourcing. We are now pushing further, beyond minerals, to leverage our experience and expertise to improve responsible sourcing across the spectrum of natural resources.


Our senior staff each have over a decade of experience in supply chain auditing, advisory, technical assistance and research. In the minerals space, RCS Global is a key partner to all of the major industry bodies setting the frameworks within which upstream producers, midstream manufacturers, and downstream companies operate. We work with the OECD, CFSI, Bettercoal, CCCMC, RJC and other industry bodies.

Our advisory work continues to shape industry and regulatory good good practice while our audit practice ensures companies can prove compliance. And as global standards rise, our training programmes are enabling companies around the world to keep up with good practice throughout the supply chain.

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