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RCS Global is a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium size listed companies. We provide effective, forward-looking solutions to manage our clients’ regulatory and reputational risks.

Based on our work all along global value chains, our solutions are designed to balance regulatory compliance and industry best practices with the realities of supplier relationships in complex supply chains. Our team of experienced advisors helps our clients conduct reasonable due diligence and demonstrate continuous progress to stakeholders and investors.


“Making Sure”

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From Congo to China to California, we audit against a number of internationally recognised standards such as Dodd-Frank 1502 on conflict minerals, the Responsible Jewellery Council and the OECD Due Diligence Guidance. Where no auditable standard or policy exists we work with industry associations and individual companies to define, develop and deliver new audit standards, methodologies and tools.

From the source to the consumer, our team of senior experts makes sure your supply chains are conflict free, responsible and compliant.

RCS Global is one of the very few companies that works all along the global value chain. We use our understanding of the needs of players at each level to help our clients design and implement effective CSR strategies.

RCS Global guides and supports our clients in engaging across the value chain, incorporating multiple stakeholders in meaningful ways to create shared value, system-level change and respecting human rights.


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